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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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students are starting a new school year. some schools in connecticut, they let students go home early because of the heat. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is in norwalk, connecticut, with more for us. marcus? >> reporter: it happened at a few districts in fairfield county, norwalk among them, sending kids home early, canceling after school activities, telling parents, quote, the health and wilk of our students and staff is the first priority. >> the sets get hot if you are not moving. >> i blanked out. it was too hot. >> reporter: these middle schoolers were more than happy to head home early. in norwalk classes came to an end before the afternoon's peak heat kicked in. >> it's hot at school. there is no air-conditioning. >> for the kids they get muggy, asthma, tough to breathe, i don't have a problem with it. a couple of days. >> reporter: the new school
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year is barely underway but seven elementary schools and four middle schools wrapped up two hours early. not all parents and guardians, many who had to rearrange child care believe in the decision. >> this will negatively affect their education. >> we never had days off when i went to school. >> reporter: school officials say the heat and humidity are too extreme and the early dismissal involves schools with limited or no air-conditioning. opening windows and running fans is not providing enough relief which leads to another complaint from parents. >> how come they don't have air- conditioning? there wouldn't be no dismissal. where is our taxes going? >> reporter: and, so, the question becomes what happens tomorrow? well, in the last 15 minutes or so, the school district coming up with a decision. they know it will be a hot day. all indications say that it will be a little less severe. so, a full day of school is scheduled for tomorrow.
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live in norwalk, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. along with the drought, along with the heat, rather, drought is a major concern in new jersey. ridgewood water, which services several towns has mandatory stage 4 water restrictions. only handheld hose watering of lawns and only on certain days. the area hasn't seen a drop of rain in almost a month. for the accuweather forecast any time or a list of cooling centers open throughout the area, check out abc7ny. we have developing news in new jersey. it will be a long commute home for some folks. take a look. a tractor trailer did not clear a ramp on route 17 south to 80 east in hackensack earlier this afternoon. boy it dumped a lot of stuff on the roadway. that is a load of tobacco papers that you see strewn on the road. some of the papers caught fire. that's why it's wet there. the truck's driver suffered minor injuries. traffic on route 17 south has been backed up for miles.
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drivers have been warned to avoid the area. now to exclusive video on the shooting of one of governor cuomo's staffers if brooklyn. we obtained surveillance video as carey gabay was shot and send running. we have new details on the condition. kemberly? >> reporter: sade, tonight carey gabay is in a coma at kings county. his wife is by his side. the family tells eyewitness news they are leaning on their faith during this extremely difficult time. to the video just obtained by eyewitness news. when you see just how crowded bedford avenue was in the seconds before the shooting, it's a miracle more people weren't hit. >> sad that something like this has to happen to somebody trying to celebrate, especially with his culture. >> reporter: early monday morning, this advertise what bedford avenue looked like. thousands of people were out celebrating on the eve of the west indian day parade.
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in the crowd, carey gabay having fun with his friends. governor cuomo's first deputy counsel was walking behind a float when in a split second things changed. in this video obtained by eyewitness news, you see folks walking on the avenue. they stop, look back and then literally run for their lives. >> he was down. they shot. he was down. they shot while he was down. >> reporter: kevin was there with carey when his best friend was hit in the head with a stray bullet. authorities say the 43-year-old was caught in the crossfire, a gun fight between two gangs. carey is a rising star, a harvard educated attorney many admired and looked up to. the family released a statement saying our family is thankful for the outpouring of prayers we received in the aftermath of this senseless violence. carey has been an inspiration to all of us and continues to
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inspire us with his fight for survival. >> terrible. this is very, very, very, very terrible. >> reporter: authorities have saturated the neighborhood where the shooting went down with posters spelling out the details. >> the new york city police department crime stopper's unit will pay up to 12,000 five hundred dollars for other in regards to this incident. >> reporter: hoping the reward money will push anyone that was here, saw anything to come forward. again, that reward at this hour, 12,000 five hundred dollars. if you have any information, call 1-800-577-tips. >> okay, thank you. we are following breaking news right now. shannon sohn is live in newscopter 7 over union square where a small fire is leading to some subway problems. shannon, what is the latest? >> reporter: it can never be easy. you can see the fire trucks on the south side of union square
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lining west 14th street, taking it to one lane of traffic. this is because of a fire record about 4:30 this afternoon. you can see the subway station. they are allowing people in and out of the station. but what we know is that the track fire was reported on the northbound local tracks and because of it, in addition to the track, the fire department activity above ground, n and r trains are running express only between canal and 34th street. unclear when they will have the situation under control. reporting live over union square, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, shannon. all new at 5:00, mayor de blasio defending his crime stats today and fending off a new critic, new jersey governor chris christie. both men appearing on national tv with different views on new york city's crime rate. eyewitness news political reporter dave evans with the mayor's latest feud. >> reporter: as you know, republicans across the county
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made mayor de blasio a target because he is a liberal democrat. but his team is fighting back with newly released figures from the police department. for the mayor, incoming fire from all sides. he and his wife were talking about homelessness and the city's crackdown and new york's low crime rate. >> we had the safest summer in over 20 years. we had last year the lowest number of murders in 50 years. >> reporter: but the next guest, a familiar face, went ballistic on the mayor. >> i am stunned as are most people who live in this area that this is the safest summer in new york. no one else beliefs that except for the two people just on your set. i guarantee you this, this guy doesn't believe it. >> reporter: on top of the economist city attack, mayor giuliani slammed de blasio. they bikered over homelessness, these the mayor yesterday on giuliani. >> i think he is dell luis shonnal -- dell luis i don't knownal.
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>> i will stand on my record when he reduces crime 65%, then he can criticize me. personal. he made a nasty personal comment about me. >> reporter: for the record 205 murder rate to 222 this year, 8% hike. rapes are up 5%. but other big categories like assaults, they are down 3%. burglary also down 12%. that's why the overall crime rate in new york city this year is down 4%. >> it's the liberal policies in this city that have lead to the lawlessness encouraged by the president of the united states. >> governor christie wasn't backing down regardless of the stats prompting one of the mayor's people to tweet out it appears that he is confused about crime stats and his polling numbers. they are both down. mayor giuliani said de blasio should do more to make the west
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indian day parade safer by concentrating on guns in that area before the parade. so far this year they have taken 74 more guns off the street than in all of 2014. a de blasio spokesman said commissioner bratton marked the safest summer in new york city in 20 years. >> dave, thank you. top new york state officials are wrapping up their two-day trip to puerto rico. governor cuomo is there to deal with the territories money woes and help. joe torres joints us live with more -- joins us live with more on the governor's plan. joe? >> reporter: sade, for governor cuomo and the new york delegation, this short trip was much more than just about listening and learning with so many puerto ricans living in new york, the argument was made that the financial troubles here impact so many people at home so governor cuomo left his
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counterpart a little gift, a plan of action. >> >> reporter: with dire words the governors of puerto rico and new york held a two-hour exchange of ideas to help the commonwealth confront an enormous debt that grows worse by the day. >> i don't believe we can solve any big problems today but i think we can listen. we can learn and we can then come up with a strategy. >> reporter: that strategy is underway. the action plan unveiled by the new york delegation of federal, state and local leaders involves several cost cutting and revenue generating measures. among them, the state will kick off a 5 million-dollar tourism campaign aimed at boosting travel between new york and puerto rico. fostering a partnership between public higher education and the private sector. reducing the cost of energy on the island and restructuring health care to make it more
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cost effective. the presentation took place before a crowd of students at the university of puerto rico's medical science campus. students who are filled with questions about finding employment after they graduate. >> i know i will graduate but what will happen next, will i get a job and will i get the money i need to do what i want in my future. >> i am a u.s. army reservist and i would like to find a job. i am trying but it's hard because of the economy. >> reporter: remember as a u.s. territory, puerto rico has no voice in congress and as governor cuomo pointed out if you want help, attention from washington, the squeaky wheel gets the gracious. so, coming up at 6:00, a closer look at the political pressure that new york will apply on behalf of puerto rico. live in san juan, joe torres,
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channel 7 eyewitness news. >> sounds like squeaking. frightening moments for a pilot when his plane ended up in the water upside down. we have cell phone video that peter williams took as he helped rescue joseph cannizzaro. he cass attempted to take off in a -- casanellas attempted to take off in a homemade plane. he walked away with a scratch on his ear. new at 5:00 a dog attacks a young girl. her family wants to know why they were told that the pit bull mix was safe. plus, a developing story. the woman at the center of the gay marriage debate in kentucky released from jail. what she told her supporters that guard to see her walk out. >> and a close call with an elephant caught on camera in
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we continue to follow a developing story. the clerk in kentucky walked out of jail embraced by a cheering crowd want she was held behind bars for refusing to issue marriage licenses. kenneth moten has more on what she said. >> reporter: gay marriage versus religious freedoms, kim davis is a free woman. >> i just want to give god the glory his people have rallied and you are a strong people. >> reporter: a judge released davis before g.o.p. candidate mike huckabee and the conservative liberty council will setting to have rally for davis. she spent six days in jail on
5:16 pm
contempt charges for refusing to issue licenses to same-sex couples. >> the courage of her conviction is more important than simply even her own freedom. >> davis' show down sparked another north americanal -- national debate. protests at the home of the judge who held her in contempt. her attorneys demanded that the governor free the democrat. the governor said it was up to the court. >> the court is satisfied the clerk's office is fulfilling its legal obligation. >> kim davis says her fight continues, she does not want her name on the marriage licenses. the judge says if she interferes with the issuing of licenses, she could be thrown back in jail. kenneth moten, channel 7 eyewitness news. the dentist in minnesota that killed less sill the lion is wrapping up his first day
5:17 pm
back at work in more six weeks. a handful of protestors showed up outside his office. walter palmer laid low after it was revealed that he was response foible doter death of cecil the lion. some protestors say he should be sent to zimbabwe to face trial. he has yet to be charged with a crime. hundreds of refugees clashed at syria and hungary. the refugees tried to walk to budapest. police struggled to keep them back. a u.n. official said it's not enough for countries like the u.s. to give money but they should take in refugees. a forest fire in southern new jersey is 65% contained. that's good news for that area. that fire broke out in woodland township. it's burned through a thousand acres and spread to burlington and ocean counties. a dozen wildfire trucks and four bulldozers are helping in the containment effort. nobody has been hurt.
5:18 pm
no homes are in the path of those flames. you can see the smoke coming up and the flames at night are vivid. >> they are. >> this is why we are able to get as hot as we have today because the sun doesn't have to go to work on any evaporation or getting rid of the moisture in the soil. it goes to the air temperature and we get the hottest temperature when it's dry out. when is the relief going to come? it's a couple of days away. we go outside. we have the hazy sky. it's steamy on the sidewalks this afternoon. folks heading across the street and down to the subway platform. i can't imagine what it's like down there. 90. humidity 45%. the high 97 after a morning low of 76. today's high of 97 is the hottest day of the summer. last one was back july 29th when we hit 96. hottest day of summer occurs in september. on a september -- hottest day since 1983.
5:19 pm
it's 95 in kingston and poughkeepsie. 93 yonkers. you get away from the south wind off the atlantic of the sound it's steamy. piping hot in west orange at 95. 85 islip. 88 belmar. the dew points are climbing through the mid- to upper-60s. we are getting through the uncomfortable range and going to the oppressive range. it's not as hot on the thermometer but it's more humid. it will feel like these type of numbers, mid- to upper-90s. maybe more mid-90s than upper 90s. this evening it's mainly clear. temperatures in the 80s. thinking about the big williams' sister match it will feel like 88 or 90 in flushing. the weather will be a factor. tomorrow more in the way of cloudiness. highs in the 90s would be another heat wave. we are clear. a couple of thunderstorms are sneaking into new england this afternoon. we are in the sweet spot. we haven't had many clouds over the past four, five days. then you see these showers here.
5:20 pm
these will try to creep up the coast. i can see a shower or thunderstorm from this piece of moisture here. the main front is crawling through the great lakes. it will slow down more as it gets to the coast. a slow moving front with this type of front is dangerous. you will get drenching downpours over the same areas multiple times and flooding downpours. the ground is so rock hard there is a lot of run off. it will go into streets and ponding and flooding. dropping into the 70s across eastern canada and chicago 73. hot and humid tomorrow. not so easy to get to 90. cloud cover and a stray storm. there is the slow moving front with showers and thunderstorms on thursday. that will probably extend into thursday night. a warm stuffy night. opening the window doesn't do much. partial sunshine. hot and humid. afternoon shower. 91. sticky tomorrow at 75. here is what we are working on for 5:30. showers and thunderstorms
5:21 pm
linger into friday morning? will we have another period of rain over the weekend. will that be centered saturday night. will the streak of 80 degrees end? 61 straight days above 80 degrees. back to you. >> thank you, lee. coming up, a closer look at the changes the pope announced to make it easier for couples to get annulments. >> a woman claimed they won a 20 lottery jackpot. why the lottery won't give her
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all in the family at the u.s. open. love aside. it's about winning. in less than two hours vin necessary and serena will own off. >> reporter: venus and serena battling it out here at arthur ashe stadium. they both want to win it. there is so much at stake and fans can't wait to see it. >> serena and venus.
5:25 pm
>> it's the hottest game on one of the hottest days. this rivalry between venus and serena is one for the ages. >> we flu up -- influence up from orlando this morning -- here. >> reporter: 23,000 in the stands and several more watching from the big screen. >> the match of the century. >> reporter: the williams sisters met 26 times. this may be the most important as serena advisories for the first grand slam since 1988. while the odds are in her favor, she doesn't count her big sister out. >> she is a player that knows how to win, knows how to beat me and may weaknesses better than anyone. >> she has two practice sessions coming up, serena doesn't. >> no matter who wins, these two win regardless. >> i love my sister, but if i
5:26 pm
was as good as either one of them, well, i would want to win and let the chips fall where they may. >> reporter: let the chips fall where they may. tonight's game is on at 7:00 p.m. whoever wins moves to the semifinals this thursday. according to serena, it's all good because a williams sister will be there. reporting live from flushing queens, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i want to see this match. you can see the sisters square off on espn tonight. coverage begins at 7:00. >> great tennis. still ahead, a girl is attacked by a rescue dog. questions over why the animal was considered safe for her family to even take home. >> big changes go into effect at port authority bus terminal. i'm darla miles. how your evening commute may be affected coming up. >> to charge or not to charm. 7 places you should never swipe
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your credit card.
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gate changes for thousands of commuters at the port authority bus terminal. we are breaking it down. >> a couple's new pet turns on them attacking their daughter within seconds of being brought home. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. this was a sudden and surprise attack by a dog that was supposed to be safe enough to take home. instead, have pit bull mix viciously attacked his 16-year- old girl. the father wants to make sure that another family doesn't suffer the same trauma. >> stacey sager is live at stony brook hospital with more.
5:30 pm
stacey? >> reporter: this family was doing the right thing, trying to save a dog from being euthanized. what they didn't realize, they were doing it through a third party, not the city. it was a nonprofit group. these nonprofit rescue groups work with the city successfully all the time, but in this case it turned into a nightmare and a 16-year-old girl is here at stony brook with pits on her face and arm. >> for me as a parent, i mean, it was just awful, terrifying. >> reporter: stephen describing what he still is struggling to comprehend, how this 2-year-old pit bull named alex seemed fine one minute on their way home from a she will tore one -- shelter one day, then the next the dog lunched at his 16-year- old daughter briana who lost part of her lip. the injury is so severe we blurred part of the picture.
5:31 pm
>> he went right for her face, for her throat. it was just -- went into a wrestling match after that. >> reporter: he managed to get the dog off his daughter. >> the dog was suspended in the air and i got behind it and put it in a shock hold then i figured i would just swing him back and forth to get momentum to throw him further enough to get to the gate to come out. >> it took a neighbor to save him from getting bitten too. >> yelling the dog is attacking. >> reporter: they decided to rescue alex after reading an online ad about the urgency of death row. >> 30 minutes to save his life. we did. we said hold the dog, don't euthanize him. we will take him. >> reporter: the dog's online behavior evaluation used words like sociable, calm and relaxed to describe him. it did say he showed barrier frustration and barks at other
5:32 pm
dogs but that he can go to an average home. that's why he now tells us he hopes another family trying to save another dog never has to suffer the way his did. >> people out there saying that i am blaming the dog and that wasn't the case. i just want the entire process to slow down. >> reporter: once again, he makes i will clear, he doesn't blame the dog, he doesn't blame the pit bull breed but he has a lot of questions and confusion over the third party systems, the reskew groups that worked successfully in the city for years. this dog was pulled off the floor because he barks so much and clearly this attempted adoption did not go as planned. live at stony brook university hospital, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay, thank you. well, tomorrow, new york city public school students head back to school.
5:33 pm
while they walk and take the bus, 40 mobile speed cameras will be on the streets. regard will track vehicles speeding a quarter mile in either direction from schools and cameras will grab pictures of the speeders. those students include about 65,004 year olds heading to prekindergarten classes. the education department says it has enough pre-k slots for all the 4-year-old in the city. mayor de blasio appears to be readying a classroom for students in this video. it promotes going back to school. we would love to see your back- to-school photos. a lot of viewers sharing the first day photos. when you post them on social media, include the hashtag abc 7 ny. commuters are navigating though catch the bus at the port authority. the regular routine upset by new gate changes that took effect today.
5:34 pm
they affect tens of thousands of riders. darla miles is at the port authority where hopefully nobody missed their bus. darla? >> reporter: no one has told me that they missed their bus because they are trying to find their gate but things look like they are going smoothly h. one of the biggest changes is for new jersey transit riders. they depart from the stairs behind me on the third floor. but take a look at this customer service rep. he is dressed why yellow answering a question right now. there are about 375 of them positioned here at port authority bus terminal to make sure that commuters find the right gate. did you know the gates would change today. >> no,ing this is my first time. >> reporter: is it confusing or easy for you. >> easy for me. >> reporter: not hard to miss those dressed in white yellow giving out directions. >> she sent me here. they tell me to go around the
5:35 pm
corner and down one flight. back and forth, running around. >> reporter: you are trying to figure it out. >> trying to figure it out. >> reporter: the port authority calls them apparently bass say doors to help commuters navigate the gate changes. >> we had reverse commuters this morning that had a catch a gate at a new location. they were in good shape. >> we will do everything we can to make sure that this is done as officially and professionally as possible. >> >> reporter: all new jersey transit buses depart from the third floor. coach usa from the 4th floor. decame bus -- decam in the lower wing. >> so far so good. the original gate was across the street over there. so, it wasn't too bad for me going from the 4th floor to here. >> reporter: now, if you need more information on the gate
5:36 pm
changes, you can find the complete story on our web site at reporting live at port authority bus terminal where there is music playing for the change today, darla miles, goes channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay, thank you. we want to good to -- go to breaking news affecting transit. shannon sohn has more with the delays. >> reporter: this is the bay street station in montclair. we are focusing on this area. this is one of the parameters of where the problems started. you can see the wires there. they had a problem with a loss of power to the lines between bay street and montclair state university. it affected seven stops in all. we have been overhead and we saw one train come through. they say they got the power back but this did affect this station which is bay street, walnut, watchung, upper montclair, montclair heights and nsu.
5:37 pm
it's up and running but the damage is done. if you take the montclair boonton line there are 60- minute delays. pack your patience. reporting live, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, shannon. the catholic church making changes to a nullments. pope francis issued a law that will fast track the process to as quickly as 45 days. automatic appeals will be eliminated. annulments previously took a long time and were very expensive. a catholic must have an a nullment to remarry or receive communion. the corner of 1668th and broadway avenue in washington heights will be known as don francisco boulevard. he is better known as the host of the popular tv show. he is one of the most recognized personalities to latino is in the u.s. and around the world.
5:38 pm
efforts to save a great white on cape cod coming up. >> plus, a scare for some tourists. this may have been a surprise for the elephant, too. the close call caught on camera. a woman has a winning lottery
5:39 pm
ticket that she says introducing starbucks small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now.
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5:41 pm
a valiant effort by beachgoers to save the life of a shark ends in disappointment. dozens on cap cod worked to get the beached great white in the ocean. they dug a trench and poured buckets of water before dragging it back in the water but the effort came too late. sadly the shark died. a frightening close call caught on camera in africa. a bull elephant crashes a brunch. he first appeared to be grazing near a tree then rushed toward tourists and push two of them with his trunk and tusks.
5:42 pm
officials say the elephant has poor i sight and was likely started lettered by the humans. notice one was seriously hurt. >> that is the elephant in the room. a payout problem for a woman playing the lottery in virginia. she scratched off a winning combination in her ticket. she went to claim the $20,000 prize to hear there was a mistake and that the lottery was not handing over the cash. >> $20,000 could help me. i have a sister in syracuse. she is sick. i could help her with her medical bills. i want the money i thought i won. you look at the ticket it says i won the money. it wasn't anything i did wrong. >> the state lottery says the machine cut the tickets wrong. the winning nbc were supposed to be at the top of the next ticket. it is under investigation. considering putting a purchase on your credit card? >> before you swipe, the seven times you don't want to pay with plastic. that is next. >> thanks to facebook and a
5:43 pm
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it's finger lickin' good. you know every summer comes with a special song. billboard announced the number one song for the summer of 2015. can you guess what it is i think that i found myself a char riot. she is always right there when i need her . >> you know this one, it's cheerleader. it was based on the billboard chart from memorial day to labor day. still moving to it. it's good. it has a summer feel. >> i thought it would be can't feel my face. i hear it all the time. >> great tune nonetheless. >> gets you in the mood because
5:47 pm
that is a summer song and it is feeling like it is a hot summer out there. >> we need more sizzle songs for september. hottest day in september. 97 degrees. outside we go, a clear shot from empire to one world trade. i don't remember a holiday weekend where the weather was so great all three days, barely a cloud in the sky. it was absolutely gorgeous to wrap up the summer unofficially. sunny and hot. a south wind around 8. here is the planner through the evening hours, mainly clear, very, very warm. we saw shirleen allicot in flushing preparing for the williams sister match tonight or reporting on it. thinking about what they have to play in, mid- to upper-80s and feeling like 90 with the increased humidity. tomorrow 77. more clouds added to the mix. a run at 90. an opportunity for a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon hours. the best chance from the city north and west.
5:48 pm
watch the futurecast. there is the evening temperatures, generally in the 80s. feeling like a hot summer night. then patchy clouds around. look at the scattered showers developing ahead of the main front. a risk for a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon hours. a better threat on thursday. these will be slow moving downpours that could go over the same place multiple times causing a flooding situation. there could be spots that get a tenth of an inch or other spots that get an inch or two. these storms will move slow. in any case, this is the front we are looking to if you want the relief. comes through thursday night. humid and sticky with storms. thursday into friday the front clears. sluggish to leave friday. air quality tomorrow is unhealthy. pollen count moderate to high. bus stop 77.
5:49 pm
patchy clouds, warm and sticky. accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow sun with more cloudiness. a run at 90. then afternoon shower or thunderstorm. showers and thunderstorms are more widespread thursday. warm, sultry and can be flooding downpours. saturday looks okay. the better half of the weekend but looking at new information, the rain is probably more focused on saturday night into sunday morning so all of sunday is not lost. hopefully we will put the rain at night. >> thanks, lee. >> thank you, lee. using a credit card has its advantages but not always. >> 7 on your side nina pineda is here with the seven times you don't want to say charge it. >> reporter: it's attractive to get now and pay later. but with extra fees and higher interest, think before you swipe. if you are swipe happy, study shows using credit cards for rewards points causing people to spend more money.
5:50 pm
>> they are making money every time you swipe the card. >> reporter: economics reporter scott gamm warns charging you to reap rewards will put you in debt. don't charge interest paid or student loans or tuition. >> the point is why trade low interest debt for high interest debt. >> reporter: most charge between 20 to 50% interest. working on a plan may be 0%. >> not all student loans are created yale equal. some -- creigh yacht equal. >> reporter: avoid charging large medical or hospital bills. >> if you have medical debt, contact the hospital and say here is why i can't pay. is there anything you can do to restick tur the debt or reduce the debt. >> reporter: doctors are
5:51 pm
oftentimes willing to pay it off with zero or little interest. what doesn't make sense to charge, the dollars to uncle sam. don't charge taxes. >> you may be charged a 2% fee on your irs balance. we know how much you pay in taxes, it could add up significantly. >> reporter: same for high taxes attached to emergencies via a third party lender. that warning applies for charging a new or new car in full. if you find a dealer willing to do it, it could add thousands to the credit card. there are things to pay for with credit. some offer warranties on big ticket items like appliances. shopping online, you have plenty of credit card protections when it comes to potential fraud. you are more likely to get the money back in a dispute if you use credit, not debit or cash.
5:52 pm
a shot to the heart for bon jovi fans in china. the first ever scheduled concerts have been canceled by the government. a specific reason was not given for pulling the plug. but some reports say it's because the band used an image of the dalai lama as a backdrop five years ago. they have previously banned artists like maroon 5 that have shown support for the dalai lama or tibet tans. how one community is helping new at 6:00, former police commissioner ray kelly is speaking out about new york
5:53 pm
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a homeless man is about to be reunited with his family thanks to this facebook page. the man found much more than just a temporary place to stay. >> our new jersey reporter anthony johnson talked to him. >> reporter: from homeless to home bound to north carolina to live with his daughter and grandchildren. clinton kelly's life came full circle after a support group reached out and raised money for this trip back home. >> i missed the birth of my two great grandchildren. i missed a lot being homeless. >> kelly spent many of the days on this bench in lyndon. april would often give him food. one day she saw him in bad shape and opened her heart and home to this man. >> i had to. i would reach out to anyone and
5:57 pm
anyone that would listen. >> reporter: she found help through a group called hope helping other people every day. with their support kelly began the process of putting his life back together. >> makes you feel good you can do the littlest things to help somebody else. >> sad to good but exciting and happy. >> reporter: money was raised to help clinton kelly return home. the local pba heard about the fundraiser. since they were familiar with his plight, they gave him the extra money he needed to go back to north carolina. >> this is one of the many things that we do and police officers across the united go unnoticed. >> he had a difficult time. he wanted to do it himself. that's what we did. >> these people were a godsend to me because they truly cared. >> reporter: tonight shawn
5:58 pm
lyndsey will be the -- lind will be the special guest before the send off to north carolina. eyewitness news. still ahead, hillary the polls. with abc news. >> "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts right now. >> new at 6:00, former new york city police commissioner ray kelly speaking out against gun violence in the city and he puts the blame on the dramatic cut in stop and frisk by the nypd. >> we are in puerto rico with governor cuomo as he promises to help the territory facing huge financial problems. first tonight, the extreme heat
5:59 pm
breaking records and forcing some schools without air- conditioning to close early. good evening at 6:00, i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. we broke a heat record but this was the hottest day of the summer. >> temperatures soared into the high 90s. not an easy day to work outside. these guys were in midtown. some schools in connecticut without air-conditioning ended early. norwalk were among those dismissed two hours ahead of schedule. >> no question the place to be today the beach if you got off work. this is a live picture of asbury park on the jersey shore. we have two meteorologists working this story. jeff smith and lee goldberg are covering the heat. lee is outside the studios. >> reporter: feels finished july 4th. it's roasting out here. look at the highs. not only the hottest day of the summer but hottest in new york


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